Fugue has a definition, one is for music, listen to it to see if it fits the definition. The other definition is for medical psychiatry dealing with amnesia. The psychiatric definition is that overwhelming Force power that overwhelms the user and causes amnesia. In the Fanfic, Thrawn may have had the Force, but grew outContinue reading “Fugue”

Ender’s Game. Long story but there is a connection

OOC: I am a secondary blog and I am unable to reply as my blog. Do not disabuse yourself from thinking Lucasfilm will never pull from the Legends canon. The point of the Sanbra report is it says there are Sith Chiss on Thule. Many fans understand this possibility exists. Not just me. Will LFSGContinue reading “Ender’s Game. Long story but there is a connection”

Thrawn A Former Force Sensitive?

amethystgypsy712: Thrawn A Former Force Sensitive? Major spoiler for Alliances. So Chiss have their own Force users, but they are mostly female children who’s abilities diminish over time. Younglings who volunteer to are then put to work as navigators for the Ascendency. In the Old Republic franchise, Chiss are shown to have the ability toContinue reading “Thrawn A Former Force Sensitive?”