Ender’s Game. Long story but there is a connection

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Do not disabuse yourself from thinking Lucasfilm will never pull from the Legends canon. The point of the Sanbra report is it says there are Sith Chiss on Thule. Many fans understand this possibility exists. Not just me. Will LFSG use it? Probably not. Will the massively modify retcon the idea to Zahn’s grand design for his blueness? Yes. Most definitely.

The reference to Ender’s Game is interesting. Zahn knows and is definitely friends with Orson Scott Card. But that guy…he won’t allow Thranto shipping. He’d go psychotic because he’s a bigot. But who knows?

I am going to work on a fanfic about that the minute I fully understand the Ender’s Game story.

That’s my point. That’s my opinion. @amethystgypsy712

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