OOC: SWAG77 just blocks blogs we do not like. But to spoof mass-report our adult Thrawnbine77.tumblr.com blog because you hate it is fucked up and not Star Wars Fandom. This competing to be noticed by Lucasfilm is silly. Professionally, it’s never worked that way. But fan vindictiveness to bash other fans is done on soap operas and angst RPs.





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Whining/complaining to get rid of something you don’t like sounds E X A C T L Y like the Star Wars fandom to me. It’s one of the worst fandoms out there.

Perhaps, but losing blogs because of a detestment is not cool either.

Not knowing the situation I highly doubt a blog got deleted just by sitting there posting their own thing. If someone disagrees with your ship, just block them and move on, you don’t need to prove your ship is right, you don’t need to post to them that their ship is wrong. It’s a big universe, just stay away from each other.

Right. You do not know the situation and that is our experience here and you are gaslighting.

Never doubt the cruelty of people on social media.

We move on and do our own things and tend to forget what happened, then we get attacked like this by malcontent reporting.

People lie. Block means nothing. Leaving some people alone really does not work here on Tumblr.

It is not as simple or simplistic as you rationalize. That’s real @i-like-raw-ramen

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