“While [Thrawn] likes art and studies it, he doesn’t really have an appreciation or understanding for the emotional value of it, for what probably drives the creation of art, what’s inside the minds of these people. He’s just a manipulator. I don’t think art is something that he would really aspire to himself. He appropriates things. He takes them and uses them, often against the very people that made the art or the statement.”

— Dave Filoni, episode commentary on Star Wars Rebels, Season 4 Episode 10, “Jedi Night”
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Well, something definitely changes between Botajef and Lothal, that’s for sure.

Art was always a way for him to demonstrate his superiority. Even in Legends, he loved art, but it wasn’t about the society that created it, it was about the pretentious analysis and how intelligent it made him feel.

There are few things in life that brings me as a Chiss, joy: ART is one of them. And while I am not an artist myself, I can appreciate it surreptitiously.

No one understands why. Perhaps, my synesthesia. Perhaps it’s what I do to stave off the pain of feeling anything, unlike my counterparts in the Ascendancy. Either way, why can I not have art for art’s sake?

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