If you know anything about the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 and me, then you would know we hit hard on racism and bigotry in Star Wars Fandom for 10 years.

We also directly attack through creative fanfic writing and roleplay regarding this issue despite our younger audience that SOME LACK COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR REAL WORLD AND STAR WARS HISTORY.

Some real life has changed for the better and that is good. It’s a start. But it is still a tiny spark of light and far from the oppression witnessed by those in marginalized communities.

The problem with some shipping in Star Wars is NOT the ship or its plot, it’s the fetishization of the ship.

Thrawn being fetishized does not help Star Wars. In any ship. Including ours. So, under my own volition, I painstakingly do literary research that I do not understand fully to craft my metas and my plots and ask for help by the community.

Being fucking rebuked by losing my blog to discussing these ideas outside of the several main ones I could share content fucking sucks. I hate it. I’m not acting our of ignorance and I’m not being glib. If I was, I’d be more of an attention whore in my marketing. But fuck fandom.

Be on this blog if your want to help. You want to support. Block me if you don’t. I don’t give an entire fuck. But IDFWU…

The only way that Chiss Ascendancy justified their isolation was because they were Chiss Supremacists and implemended laws against non-Chiss.

One law was purity of Chiss genetics and eugenics. Usually by calamity.

To add to this law, they had anti-miscegenation laws.

What that looked like in real life since the 1700s is like the pic above and enforced by society mores.

One of the issues with the Chiss is they were ableist against Force Users. So, either the found a way to minimize Force Ability inheritance and/or genocide, then lie about it.

Palpatine was a murderer, like a serial killer, a Sith Lord. To him his entire amount of fuck is low. He has a Death Star. So.

But Thrawn, is curious.


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