This morning I was sunbathing  in the sun and drawing a commission (not NFSW xD) and my 7-year-old neighbor appeared:

“Lady Tati, are you drawing Star Wars Rebels?”
“It’s Ezra, right?”
“Yes you like?”
“Yes, I love it! Do you draw it for me ??”
“Yes, do you want me to draw Ezra and Sabine, or Zeb?”
“I want you to draw Admiral Thrawn!”
“He’s so cool!”
“Hell, Ingrid, you scare me sometimes, but I’ll tell you a secret, he’s my favorite character, but that’s a secret between us.”
“Ah lady, I’m going to get my Star Wars notebook for you to draw, my friends will be envious at school!”

And that’s how a seven-year-old made me feel like the most important person in the galaxy.

Ps: I’m going to print a Thrawn poster for her to put on her Barbie shelf.

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