25. A birthday memory

First of all nonnie, thank you for providing the number and the “request”. I appreciate that. My time is usually limited in answering any question, but when I must fish through the requests, it makes it very difficult. So, thank you for your completion.

A birthday memory… Let’s see. Chiss really do not celebrate their births like Humans often do. It is seen as narcissistic and a waste of resources for selfish aggrandizement. Moreover, most Chiss are “born” by in vitro and are released from their synthpouch which are inseminated by in vitro for optimal health promotion (my headcanon). But…

-slow grin from a pleasant memory-

I believe it was the third year of my birth at the equator when my mother entered with a fruit harvest from the surface and handed my brother and I fresh fruit difficult to grow on the planet. I remember rushing to my mother cheek to kiss it and running my tiny fingers through her hair and adding another braid with a colored piece of yarn.

Wow…I thought that memory was erased. Thank you for that.

(entire fanfic headcanon is here)

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