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five people you find incredibly attractive but look very different from
each other (in no particular order), then tag five people you follow to
do the same!

Who do you think taught me House Nuruodo?

Fan art by Rafael Alejandro Flores Romero

Oh come come now, what did you think the line and the color meant?

She’s…long story…it is Thrass’s fault.

Now, this is Thrass’ fault. He could have been Trial Born in the House Mitth, but he did not like her. I thought she was absolutely attractive. He on the otherhand…

I know of the Senator from Haruun Kal ( @senatoryemaja). I have seen her…holograms… She is attractive to be a hybrid vuhn. I must say, the Dark Apprentice is a very, very lucky man. Even the Emperor, Grand Moff Tarkin and several Inquisitors have told me such. But…she is hiding something. What it is…I just do not know.

Sorry guys, the kids want me to tag you all and you can reply if you’d like: @dantermin8r @lizcat14 @darklordrinku @tweedpawn @backtothe80scolors

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