A Meta: The Planet Csilla

On most of the planet, cities like Capsla are underground. Large cities as large as Coruscant. Mimics Coruscant Level 1313


The lighting would be sunshine bright with a modulate diurnal variation to it. Probably 6 hours days with 18 hours nights. Kind of like a night winter at the poles on “Earth”.

Csilla’s atmosphere is modified so that Chiss breath air: 92% Nitrogen, 6% Oxygen and 2% other know compounds in Earth’s air. But they are also breathing methane, which makes their skin blue and may in fact cause them to have the red sclera and red pupils adding to the foodstuffs and microorganisms to have a yellow glow.

Their sun is not a yellow sun. It’s a lower tiered sun, like a blue sun. But since they are from another planet, they can survive the blue sunlight.

Surface Csilla is very cold, -270 Kelvin. No near human or humanoid or organic being can survive without clothing or suit assistance or gross mutation adaptations for no more than 15 minutes. There are huge gusts of winds as cold as liquid nitrogen. Liquid methane makes it colder. Apparently, the Chiss found a way to circumvent all the methanogensis. Possibly due to their space-fairing knowledge-base of advanced science and not an evolving spiritual/god system of belief.

If anything, they were oligarchists and economic anarchists that guided their society. (don’t know the proper terms).

Why choose Csilla to set roots down? Because the underground must have massive areas that are warmed by the core of the planet and they are close to an interstellar arm – the Tingel Arm that appears to spin slower than the rest of the galaxy. So planet rotation around a star system is slower for them on Csilla than Coruscant. Csilla probably had less exposure to hazardous mutating pollutant chemicals than the core planets. Csilla had not been destroyed by industrialization like the rest of the galaxy. Chiss space appears to be a protected fortress. Csilla seems as if the Chiss were the first to colonize it, and then its surrounding planets. So there was no indigenous population to be of concern to them – except Killiks.

There is one caveat. An equator on a planet is a very interesting thing. If the planet itself rotates, then moves around a star in an elliptical path (allegedly), in time, the planet’s ecology can be changed to live on the surface. The equator is not as cold  because the sun’s heating of the area occurs in its “days” which measure differently than “Earths”. Csilla did have “seasons” – only 2 in certain regions: Summer at the equators for a period of time, and a winter everywhere else all the time. When there was a summer, the ice caps melted forming fresh water that would feed the planet in it’s underground caverns. I liken them to like rectangular lava tubes that build incredible still oceans for the most part.  Water was a limiting factor on Csilla, which is why they lived on the other planets – high deserts mostly, but moisture vaporators were ready. But when the summers are “hot” – like close to 0 Kelvin, there was more the Chiss could do to live at the equator.

Then of course, the Killiks, insect species from outer space that raided Csilla like locusts, and killed the Chiss. All the food stuffs grown and the water was eaten and taken away by the Killiks.

Entire colonies of Equitorial Csillan Chiss or Decadent Chiss were wiped out. Since water was like gold on Csilla, the Aristocra forbade the Chiss to live at the equator and implemented a plan to destroy the Equatorial Decadent Chiss way of life by all means: political, social, economic, and militarily.

The other thing the Aristocra forbade was random mating by natural childbirth. Most Chiss at some point were born by in vitro placenta eugenics to control the population.

Why is this important?

Thrawn is natural born, his parents had sex. His mother got pregnant and bore his brother and him. The act of his parents doing that causes them to become commoners. Thrawn’s parents may have been born by in vitro eugenics, but they always knew their ancestors are the Decadent Chiss. Thrass, the older brother of Thrawn could adapt to being a commoner and hated being a part of the “Trial-born” system to join the Aristocra in the Mitth family. Thrawn hated it too, and he was rambunctious, which probably got him exiled. And even if the Aristocra said they planned Thrawn’s exile in the latest THRAWN novel, the Aristocra promoted and condoned the xenophobia and never really accepted Thrawn. To allow him back into the Ascendancy after his Imperial stent would be atrocious. Interestingly, Thrawn held on to the belief that maybe everything had changed in the Ascendancy.

BTW these images were difficult to find. Csilla has red, purple, orange and blue “Aurora Boreali” at the Equator (not normal). It was one of the few things that Thrawn misses about his homeworld and he remembers it distinctly. He would never admit his feelings about what he misses because Chiss warriors like him are taught to never show their feelings, which changes when he learns of Sabine Wren.

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