The Good, the Bad, and the Scruffy: Can We Define Good and Evil?
| by Travis Langley

For reference, this book is just as much about the original trilogy as it is about the prequels, so when they use “Jedi”, they often mean Luke’s era of post-ROTJ “JedI” and just ANY Force-users.

But the bigger point–and why I think this is an interesting point to make, as something we’ve seen a lot of in canon–is that this is why control of one’s emotions is so important.  Not to suppress them or deny them (because the Jedi have explicitly said that’s not what they’re teaching) but to control them.

And we see why–just a couple of examples here!–Ezra’s fear causes the fyrnocks to attack:

A powerful Force-user like Darth Vader is able to straight up KNOCK AHSOKA TANO OUT, who has been trained and is strong in the Force as well:

And there are loads of examples of how we see people leaving their feelings–both good and bad–in the air and world around them.  The Force isn’t just something that allows the Jedi to lift rocks or catch glimpses of the future–it’s how they connect to the entire galaxy.  It’s how they see the world around them, the people around them, the life around them.  It’s how they feel, it’s how they parse things, it’s how they think.

It puts them in psychic connection with those around them (to varying degrees, of course) and this is why you need to have control.  This is why getting drunk off the Force and the emotions around you is a genuine danger and could allow you to hurt yourself and others very badly.

Feelings linger–Luke still feels Rey in the stone seat she sat on, thoughts and feelings imprint into the kyber crystals and become part of the blade, Luke can feel the anger roiling off Kylo Ren into the Force around them, this is how a Sith bleeds a kyber crystal–and echo and amplify everything.

If a Jedi were to let themselves run wild, if they stopped having control over themselves, it’s like getting drunk off the Force and thinking you’re still totally in control.  And that’s what Depa and Mace and Obi-Wan are all teaching.

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