Sexy Geek Men is a display that highlights the male body form in the geek community. We are a group of geek fans who have come together to show the richness of the male body form.

We created Sexy Geek Men because the male body form in the geek community was unnoticed, unsupported and disparaged. We presume these biases were partly due to various fandoms being 90% male-based. 

Provocative fangirl space are splayed across social media sites, whereas, provocative fanboy space is absent. 

We will develop as a “work in progress” and our success will be the fsocial media metrics in fan appreciation. Our biggest goal for Sexy Geek Men is to include all geek fandoms, so that everyone can enjoy our display that is geek.

Evidentiary support about the demonization of the male body form versus female are known (x)(x)(x).

Thank you very much for reading.


  • Yun Harla (x)(x)
  • Domina (x)(x)
  • Aay’hika (x)(x)
  • Edenism (x)(x)

**updated without notice.

OOC: I don’t run this blog. My group does. 3-5 years ago, the Body Form of Men was derided and many cosplayers who were men were attacked doing their fandom. We wanted to do something about it. 

Any fan art or cosplay images of just a man in their cosplay (doesn’t have to be sexy), we will post it on our blogs and sites on Facebook and Twitter from ANY fandom – MULTIFANDOM.

We would like our images to me of Men and that definitely includes TransMen. And sexiness is a smile…fo realz.

Please, we can’t share outright porn to Facebook, last time the admins did, they were blocked for a month. But we can share “suggestive poses” – but remember to keep it “geeky” or “comic book like”.

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