MY HANDS… (Not the HAND OF THRAWN), but my actual hands. I have 4 phalanges and a pollux for each hand. I have 3 bendable bones in my phalanges along with 2 for my pollux in order for me to ball my fists. When I am interrogating, I ball my fists. I do it to maintain clarity. I barely sweat. I cup my wrist to release the muscle tension when I hope my hands. There are very few pictures of my hands in action in some holodocs and some holograms. It is as if I have a problem with touch. I do not. Most Chiss do not. We touch for different reasons than humans. We touch not to develop perceptive connections, but to control our environment. We are not “blue humans”. Therefore any sensations our brains interpret are personal perceptions that provide little use to meet our tasks.

Please disabuse yourself from thinking there is emotion here. Not while we complete our jobs. Under a different situation, we can, how do you say – let loose?

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