“Let’s lay out our cards. Or rather, I’ll lay out my cards since you’re not the card-playing sort. You clearly suspect me of knowing more than I’ve said about what happened on Batonn. Fine. Suspect me all you want. But don’t lose track of the fact that you need me.”

       She had been gone for eighteen minutes when Vanto returned to the conference room. “Governor Pryce just left,” he reported, eyeing Thrawn closely. “What did she say?”
       “She didn’t admit to playing any part in the destruction,” Thrawn said. “But I believe she bears at least some of the blame.”
       “But you have no proof?”
       “Figured as much,” Vanto said, his voice grim. “And from what Yularen said, we’re not likely to get any. So she gets away with it.”
       “Perhaps,” Thrawn said. “Perhaps not. I’ve noted there is often a symmetry to such things.”
       “I know you’re not going to like accepting the credit for the action down there,” Vanto said. “But try to smile and act grateful anyway.”

                                                                                           –Thrawn, Timothy Zahn

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