The Killiks

(An attempt to write an IN CHARACTER flash meta)

KILLIKS, yes I know all about them. Where they come from exactly is unknown. They have swarm planets in The Unknown Regions. Some are in Chiss Space. It was well known they’d harvested the pollen every 1000 years +/- 500 years. One Chiss would not see a swarm again in their lifetime. But for the Aristocra, peaceful watchfulness would keep the military abreast of any swarms.

Killik swarms completely strip ~6400 km area of vegetation that would cause starvation on several Chiss Ascendancy planets, with the exception of Csilla.

Csilla was unique. Constantly covered in ice due to our Cerulean Sun. But when Csillan hemisphere became closest to our Sun and our planetary speed would slow down by gravitational Milkevitch tectonic shifting (headcanon lots of math involved – partially based on the concept that the Hawaiians belief that the sun walks more slowly over the Islands (source)). Then, the equatorial regions would partially thaw the methane liquid ocean and recede. The purple algae would dry on the volcanic rocks and become exposed to our Sun. An entire microcosm ecology grew so unique that it would cause the algae to reproduce and flower into Cerulean Rosaceae or Blue Roses. The pollen from these flowers are a powerful euphoriant for the Killiks. As a hive-mind, the euphoriant was only collected by members of the royal family and given to their queens. Our scientists discovered the pollen use is how the queens kept the discernment in their royal lines because the phytochemistry of the rose pollen left a specific biomarker passed only onto their females inside their genetic material. (not all insects use DNA as their genetic inheritable material).

This…summer…of harvesting on Csilla would last 76 to 100 planet rotations. (This assumes that Csilla has a functionally different planetary rotation around a Sun and has an elliptical orbit with planetary rotation – it’s slower than Coruscant which is similar to Earth in terms of it’s descriptions).

The Killiks pick apart all the pollen on the Blue Roses in the Aristocra ancestral historical documents. Ancient Chiss who snowbirded, called Decadent Chiss, to the equator to absorb the healthy energy from the Cerulean Sun, were mass slaughtered by the Royal Killik Guards. The children returned infected as “Joiner” slaves of the hive minds. No amount of negotiation or pleadings from Chiss Negotiators ever solved what the Killiks did to the lands and Chiss people.

After the negotiation with the Sith Empire, their warriors annihilated the entire Killik swarm with their advance weapons. The Killiks as a swarm never returned to Chiss Ascendancy space, until several hundreds of years later. When there was less knowledge of them by the younglings or our educational system.

When a small swarm returned to Csilla, pollen was collected but vegetation was not destroyed. Not all Chiss snowbirded at the equator due to a Regional Civil War, that the Decadent Chiss lost. Then oneday, a Killik Princess reached out to a Chiss and they learned from each other. To her surprise, she did not realize that the creation of Joiners killed our species. She promised that her group would never do it, but she could not speak for other Killik hives.

Then, the Aristocra learned of this meeting and exiled all the Chiss members of that meeting. Labeled the Chiss as Decadent. If these individuals did not escape from Aristocra control, murder of Joiners became legally justified by the Ascendancy.

The next time a slightly larger swarm appeared, the Chiss Ascendancy officially killed all the Killik infestation by a new technique: Chiss Youngling Force Users.

The Ascendancy did not stop there, with the discovery that the Blue Roses pollen marker were only used by the Killik Queens, they traced their “hive” locations and had the Chiss Youngling Force Users with the most powerful member to exterminate the entire hive location… (Like Ender’s Game).

I was that powerful Force User as a youngling. After I did that, my mind could not process what I had done, and I blocked it out for a long time and was enunciated when I grew up and lost my Force powers. In recent times, after what Ezra Bridger did to my flagship, did I recall this story. I do not wield the Force as an adult. But losing my battle with the chaotic Rebels and knowing of a huge threat to The Unknown Regions by that far outside from anything this galaxy has experienced, we must prepare for this onslaught, or we will be like the Decadent Chiss, waiting to be killed. The era of peaceful watchfulness is over.

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