The main reason why we must Rebrand The Chiss Ascendancy is because the Jedi erased the greatness of the Chiss Ascendancy from history and art. To evolve, it is important to take care of these essential epistemology. Every golden age is characterized by a renewal in the art. Each period is characterized by its art. Art symbolizes a severing from what existed previously. It is an important renewal process. During the Hyperspace War, the Chiss were erased from the core of the galaxy and the Chiss Ascendancy history rewritten into a myth. The Republic at that time severed the Chiss from the galaxy into the Unknown Regions. Currently, Chiss are asleep. We lost our creative force. It is time to take it back. We must initiate that split and Rebrand The Unknown Regions. It will only occur if it comes from indisputable Chiss minds like ours.

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