Personally, I think it would be cool if we got to know what Thrawn’s favorit food and drink is. What things does he find funny on a normal work day? And how does he handle stress when he’s in front of them bunch of important people.( that’s actually a tip I could use)

Thank you anon for your question.

There are several food items I enjoy. But only one item made for me by her I enjoyed the most and she called it,
“Mrasa o’r Atyaor Durtuya Taogr” or “Codornices En Salsa De Pétalos De Rosa”.

I never knew she could cook. It was quite delectable.

On a work day, what do I funny? How is the forward command of a Star Destroyer funny? Pranks aboard a starship is dangerous.

Handling stress? I never get stressed, especially in a bunch of important people. I have orders and a mission that is my duty to complete. My objectives are what I have trained for in all my officer commissions. I am supposed to know. I have been trained to know. If I cannot accomplish an order, I will speak of it to my commanding officer and if she/he overrides it, I come up with a better battle plan.

Understand? The only reason you may feel nervous before a group is because you feel like an imposter and inferior before them. DO NOT DO THAT! You know the material you are to discuss. Present it with your best words, and be damned if they do not like it. Keep buggering on.

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