Dear Grand Admiral Sir, Are we allowed to know when is your birthday ? I know you are very busy, thank you for your time. Little Soo M.

I am unsure why you would equivocate with Vuhn…I mean humans. Chiss do not do such things.

The Chiss do not celebrate birthdays on Csilla because most Chiss are parturient by artificial uteri. The date and times are predetermined. Of course, that is not my case as I am naturally born from a Chiss woman, but the date of my birth was not recorded for my family’s protection. Unfortunately, not much good it did for us. My brother and I are still considered commoners though we come from the 8th Ruling Family of Copero.

Of course all of this is my own headcanon fan-fiction and NOT CANON for Legends or Disney Lucasfilm.

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