So I finally read Thrawn: Alliances…


and I didn’t like it :/

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Most of it will be in the Mandalorian especially at the end. We will meet the Grysks again. They are not Yuuzhan Vong despite what people think. That that Wookieepedia acting up again trying to FORCE their canon on Lucasfilm. It would be a sad day to not see a War Coordinator and some of these Vongie Wongie Gods these people speak so highly of to have some Alpha-Red go to waste.

Batuu. A pleasure island filled with cortosis. The holodoc or novel as you called it, cut that all out on Mokijv when Anakin messed it up. Padme whined for a change and it pissed me off. You will see in TREASON how that folly works out. I actually have stopped caring.

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