Reason for Writing A Character Sheet and A Brief Thrawn Bio

A Character Sheet is a good item to have when developing an IN CHARACTER toolbox. With one, individuals can tell who you are and whether they want to RP with you or interact with you.

Forced Roleplay is assault. That’s different from giving a funny remark. Force RP is paragraph after paragraph of what my character will do to yours without your consent and agreement. Funny oneliners are hardly EVER hurtful. It they are, and if you feel that I have done it to you, then you can tell me. It’s your character.

I can tell when individuals LIKE my account by liking my stuff and my other social media nav coordinates. It is not hard for me because I’ve been doing this for 10 years.

But the way I RP and the story arcs I pursue are a lengthy process and TBH, I have people for that.

The reason why I am saying this is because a lot of new people have appeared in my timeline who react to what I say as life-altering. It is NOT that serious. I’m NOT paid by Lucasfilm. All I’m trying to do is TELL MY STORY because it’s FUN to me.

You want to learn about me – my MUN or mundane – or real life person behind the account – the typist or actor or performer? You won’t. Get over it. I will not be saying anything to you to delude you to thinking my posts are REAL outside the Star Wars Verse. Whatever it is, if it’s not about Star Wars, the story, fandom, shows, buying Star Wars stuff from me, or whatever then I am not interested.

Hate can be answered here

SWAG77’s Character Sheet and Brief Thrawn Bio

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