“Alliances are useful in some situations. In others, they are absolutely vital.”

Grand Admiral Thrawn (http://bit.ly/ThrawnStarWars)

If your allegiance is to me (including like-minded mutuals) who support this character, who write headcanons, metas, and fanfics; and who stand for the #StarWars, then, I ask for your allegiance below by reblog and reply.

I need your allegiance to what is the best in Star Wars.

Thrawn is what brought me here. This corner of the universe is my salvation from the drama and conflict. Here is my pledge of allegiance, my support, and unwavering loyalty to the Grand Admiral

And what will you give us in return for our loyalty, Grand Admiral?

I know what I want in return for my loyalty..

@kyluxlovechild, I value my privacy on such matters. Your loyalty is worthy because you gave it. Not for what I can demand from it. The reason I asking for it is because I am making several changes and I know who wants to continue and who does not.

Now, you can fill out this form here with your first name or nickname, and an email
address so I can reach you (will not be shared). Please. It will take awhile.


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