Found this map in the old Jedi Archives

Star Wars Essential Atlas

Odds are, they took EZRA BRIDGER and I to JAKKU. That’s where all the ships are dumped, anyway. It is way out of the way to see that anyone cares.

But PURRGILS do not go where this is no gas hyperfuel. Doubtful the whales would have wanted to go near wild space with unknown predators or civilizations with sentient beings, or known whaler pirates that slaughter them.

I did shoot at the BENDU. Later, BRIDGER told me I could not kill such a creature. Somehow the creature made me feel unsettling emotions similar to humans. I though it was acclimation and assimilation. It was not. It was his Force powers impinging on my biological consciousness forcing me to feel emotions I never knew I had. Chiss do not feel this way. Chiss never feel. Loss never hurts. Pain does not consume me.

But it does now and I miss Csilla and Copero. I must not have doubt. I cannot have doubt. I am still a Grand Admiral and many people look up to me for leadership. Save them.

The planet the PURRGILS deposited us has an entity similar to the BENDU but larger. She said she would take us to my homeworld if she felt safe.

Csen’ai Sekot

I will meditate upon it on this mountain.

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