I have a Pinterest board. I share what I see in the art that I like to my fans on Facebook and Twitter. My reach for my number of people I post to is 5000 users. Which means it’s exponential broad coverage visibility. That is just one marketing page from this one blog.

I share images to other blogs, the reach goes up to 100,000 Star Wars enthusiast, some of them who work for Lucasfilm and different from those you see on Twitter… Some individuals could be the deciders and influencers  themselves. After 10 years, that’s the leverage my group has.

So, not much will take us down in the way we operate our social media. So when we get reports about art being infringed upon, that means people don’t care what our social media navigational nodes are. But that’s fine, because there is much we can do to survive.  Not much.

And why attack me? Because you hate me that much? I will never messaging you. It is not the way I conduct professional business. I will never send you any anonymous messages because I do not have time. IDFWU. There are plenty other things I MUST DO to pay the bills.

If you are angry with me because you  need me to pay attention to you to make you feel special about your life, this is not the blog for you and you can block me. Thank you.

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