How this works in Thrawn’s mind for this story.

In this story, Thrawn is a Grand Admiral and Imperial officer that does his job with the utmost of professionalism.

At the end of STAR WARS: THRAWN, the canon says Arinhda Pryce tried to leverage his being Chiss against him. He HATES that. In STAR WARS: THRAWN ALLIANCES, Padme Amidala “ADMONISHES” him — a much younger THRAWN. He HATES having guilt trips put on him.

When he is given the dossier of SABINE WREN. He learns that she is a MANDALORIAN, which changes the game a lot about her. Mandalorians are tough to beat. They are warriors who are smart and organized. Then, he learns she is an ARTIST…

Of course, he analyzes her art, but he studies Sabine’s art more intently than he should and actually learns about her — her character, her kind of person she is, her emotions, her traumas and just, her… He discovers why she ran away from the Imperial Academy on Mandalore and why she paints. He sees a collection of her street art, and then he decides to keep the pieces he can aboard his Imperial Star Destroyer, Chimaera.

Understand this point: When he SAW her art, he “bought” it, all of it – somewhat like the way Christian Grey saw Anastasia Steele’s photographs and bought them all in Fifty Shades of Grey…

Thrawn should not have done that, because that causes more emotion in him. More emotions than what got him exiled from the Chiss Ascendancy.

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