Aliit Vucon’ocir – The Decadent Chiss

I am in the midst of serving under the Galactic Empire under Emperor Palpatine when I received a heinous transmission from Chiss Space. I never expected hateful behavior among my people. Being xenophobic is one issue. But thinking that way limits us as to how to assist the greater galaxy efficiently. “Peaceful Watchfulness” — we are being pummeled by forces we cannot comprehend while we hate individuals we have failed to get to know. Then this standard Chiss Ascendancy supremacist mentality is broadcast. That nasty mentality does not help our cause. Read for yourselves.

“Now how can any Chiss, man or woman, who sleeps with humans speak for me? No Chiss mated to a human can speak for me! Only a Chiss man who is ashamed of what he is will mate out of his species. There has to be something wrong when a Chiss man or a woman leaves his own people and mates somebody of another kind. Chiss who are proud of being Chiss mate with Chiss. This is particularly true when you realize that these Decadents who go for xenomania rather than the Chiss culture and promote the nexus of our people link up with the very people who created a catastrophe with their forefathers, raped their foremothers, and relegated their sisters in the trash heaps of space along Wild Space and the Outer Rim to serve as slaves.”

From the Chaf Family (flipped modified source)
{{complete headcanon for fanfic}

{{Thank you Daniel Morpheus0201 for the excellent fan art}}

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