The Tragic Decline of Music Literacy (and Quality)

Real Life Article and partial headcanon for Grand Admiral Thrawn: Jon Henschen | August 16, 2018 (source: )

“Music is seldom of use to me.”

Artistic literacy is the first to go when a civilization is in decline. The fact the Grand Admiral Thrawn finds little in music that is useful to him, helps him defeat his treasonous adversary, Grand Admiral Savit, who thought in error that Thrawn had to “SEE” his art in order to develop his “alleged” battle plan strategies and tactics.

Does Thrawn listen to certain types of music? Several headcanons says he does and a range of music. But not one to really join in to singing or playing music to an extent. A critic of it. Very much like his appreciation for art.

In the linked article above, Dr. Henschen states:

Aspects of music pieces generally follow:

1. Timbre- sound color, texture and tone quality

2. Pitch- harmonic content of the piece, including its chords, melody, and tonal arrangements

3. Loudness- volume variance adding richness and depth

The Tragic Decline of Music Literacy (and Quality) (source)

A musician for music literacy should be able to read music, play the music and read on sight without having ever seen the music prior to playing it.

Music theory aptitude is also important.

Quite a few Chiss may have synesthesia – the ability to convert seen structures into sound for cognitive interpretation and analysis then raise it in space. The ability to do that increases their brain evolution as a species. (source)

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