Fugue has a definition, one is for music, listen to it to see if it fits the definition. The other definition is for medical psychiatry dealing with amnesia. The psychiatric definition is that overwhelming Force power that overwhelms the user and causes amnesia. In the Fanfic, Thrawn may have had the Force, but grew outContinue reading “Fugue”

Bauhaus Movement June 10 by Wassily Kandinsky

Bauhaus Movement June 10 · The #Russian #painter, #graphic #artist and art theorist. Wassily #Kandinsky(1866-1944) was one of the great masters of #modernart, as well as the outstanding representative of pure #abstract #painting (using only colors and forms) that dominated the first half of the twentieth century. Soon after his return to Germany at theContinue reading “Bauhaus Movement June 10 by Wassily Kandinsky”