Brainwashing of the First Order

I have a suspicion that the First Order are Grysks client species.

They serve without thought or analysis. They do not argue with the Leader, Snoke, an Umbaran. Snoke’s gait has been altered by a lightsaber battle where his bones have failed to heal properly from this fight. The med droids could not correct for his newfound cybernetic grafting biology.

Since the Grysks are into pain. It is as if the Grysks wanted to commit menticide on a Force User.

They tried to go after Bridger like Uh’nee. I could barely get Bridger from their gripping snare.

The Grysks do mind wipes on most client species and the work for the most part, but the memory replacements can be corrupted by the species individual residual memory engrams, causes the brainwashing to fail.

The Chiss Ascendancy is racing to find ways to keep memories intact by the individual when we discover Grysk neurological brain contamination. 

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