SEEDS By Tony Anderson in 2014

This PLOT POINT HEADCANON FOR THRAWN uses art and Monday music from the STEFANO RICCI Spring/Summer 2019 ad campaign about two long lost lovers that the woman represents the Greek goddess, Aphrodite who captures a MAN OF THE SEA’s attention. He comes to her from across the sea only to find she has disappeared, but left precious gem treasures along the way to know that she is still alive.

We decided to match THRAWN as a GRAND ADMIRAL a man of the galaxy who travels across the stars to find meaning through art. Then he learns of this MANDALORIAN young lady (SABINE WREN) who leaves a few precious gems of art that has a much deeper meaning to his interpretations than intended.

The rest is on THRAWN X SABINE

You can read our original post on the artwork and poem: https://www.patreon.com/posts/25523846

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