Artistically Speaking It Was Mandalorian Done — Part I

thrawnbine77: Artistically Speaking It Was Mandalorian Done — Part I Thrawn X Sabine Fan Art by PandaCappucino Had to divide this chapter and put it into part I and II The excerpt is part I: https://archiveofourown.org/works/8721397/chapters/19995838 Sabine hides her rage when she catches Thrawn gaze of admiration with a smile. She thinks. Why does he keep lookingContinue reading “Artistically Speaking It Was Mandalorian Done — Part I”

A @pandacapuccino fan art exclusive made for ThrawnXSabine collage because of Tumblr rules. Join our PATREON to see the full adult-mature subject matter pic in the fanfic. Sabine Wren: I’m chained at the neck. Not too constricted, but just enough…to make things interesting. (source) Grand Admiral Thrawn: [redacted]

Well let’s not neglect this. Some fan art created by the artists: @pandacapuccino@zyralynn@backtothe80scolors A few manips by my crew. If you dislike them, do not tell me, refer to my crew. And I don’t care about what you think about the SHIP… http://thrawnbine.wordpress.com exists for our fanfics: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/Thrawnbine Fans open to this SHIP are alwaysContinue reading

thrawnbine77: We cannot practice our faith in Tantra for Divine Love and Expansion, Tumblr? Shiva and Shakti- The original Tantric couple Exactly what you think it is.