A Meeting Of The Minds

A story written by a fan on Instagram. We love it. We share it here. Hope this fan does not mind it. It was written in 2020 at the time of Thrawn: Treason

A “meeting of the minds” between Grand Admiral Thrawn vs. Director Krennic.

By jonathan.soriano1 on IG

Pic 1- Krennic: “Grand Admiral. Fancy meeting you here.”
Thrawn: “Director Krennic. An unexpected pleasure.”
Krennic: “What brings you to Coruscant? I thought you were dealing with some rebels on…Ryloth was it? Or Lothal?”

Pic 2- Thrawn: These rebels are far more intrepid and resolute than the Emperor gives them credit for, but they will be dealt with…all in good time. I am here because Governor Tarkin informed me that I needed to plead directly to the Emperor for continued funding for the TIE Defender project. Apparently it is in competition with your project…Stardust? The Governor mentioned you had suffered some setbacks.

Pic 3- Krennic (trying to mask his irritation): “The Governor has a tendency to exaggerate. “The Death Star will be fully operational and ready for trials soon enough. I myself am returning from a meeting with the Emperor assuring him as much.”

Pic 4- Thrawn: “Well then, I hope I am as eloquent and persuasive as you when I speak to him next.” (The MSE droid scurries away from the rising tension).

Pic 5- Krennic: “Indeed. The Emperor will just have to decide if he wishes to end this rebellion in one fell swoop or wait for your little ‘spitfire’ to do it one ship at a time.” (Thrawn’s smile turns into grin.)

Pic 6- Thrawn: “I do hope your ‘Death Star’ is as formidable as reputed. It would be a shame if in your haste to complete it some little oversight would lead to it’s downfall. (Krennic’s eyes squint, then smiles back)

Krennic: “Grand Admiral.”
Thrawn: “Die-rector.” (Krennic and Thrawn’s parties go their separate ways)

Partially based on Thrawn: Treason

Star Wars Thrawn Treason

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