HoloNet Study: Trek in the Stars

My studies as to why these people include me, a Chiss within suitable participants in their RPG. I don’t know why? Jean-Luc Picard appears to be suitable…

Now these…Romulans… like Vulcans… a common ancestor they say? And that BORG CUBE from this Delta Quadrant with nanotechnology conversion beyond that of the Separatists. And well, this assimilation process, they could never assimilate us, too.

Perhaps distant cousins?

We were created and cloned by the Creators. We are a genetic soup mix chosen to be blue by a selection of chemicals to protect us from suns and radiations in battle.

The Crimson eyes are marked as warriors. All the Aristocra are warriors. The others are just Pantorean. The brightness in our eyes marks our emotions, distinctively.

Mine is rage. But lately, she has changed it to the protection of her and our younglings. And all of them have Third Sight ozlyl eshembo.

Have Chiss Defense Forces fought the Collective? Yes. We defeated them. Our Chiss Navigators and our rapid calculations disabled their cubes to collapse. They could not assimilate us. The Creators disintegrated their ships. We sent them back to their “quadrant” in their galaxy.

Guess our pointy-eared cousins have shared genes with us though their duplicity is rivaled by ours albeit culturally separated and they have more emotion. Their common cousins, the Vulcans do not have as much.

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