Star Wars Fans and Production Needs A Hollywood Royalty Family For A Thrawn Movie

Since the loss of Ms. Carrie Fisher in 2016 who played Princess Leia at its inception. Her family is the consummate Hollywood Royal Family associated with the Star Wars franchise. Her famous parents: Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds — both famous actors in the 1950s, help foster Carrie’s breakout role as Princess Leia in Star Wars and she brought the movie into the heights that unknown actors are unable to accomplish without any influence from known cast members tightly bound to studio rules.

Carrie Fisher’s death wounded Star Wars and the kind of storytelling tradition that noble studios like Disney demand. Her understand of the inception of blockbuster movie magic and her post-promotion marketing by takes a trained eye and family support. Without that kind of support a movie can be derailed easily destroying it in the box office.

If Thrawn is to be created into movies under Disney Lucasfilm studios, a new Hollywood Royal Family should have a chance to act in the Star Wars franchise. A family strong in the movie mantra, tropes, film and production requirements and can understand the professionalism of the team.

This fan blog suggests the HUSTON family to play the CHISS characters with the youngest JACK HUSTON playing MITTH’RAW’NURUODO or THRAWN.

Disney Lucasfilm will need this family’s help to bring back the believability of Star Wars space opera fantasy that it once was. Blue people that are militarized and highly intelligent similar to the Empire but thinks the use of the Force is a disability. Who else than the HUSTON family to suspend disbelief in tentpole movies.

In fact, the HUSTON family does come from real life royalty — they forebearers are the CHOLMONDELEY MARQUESS OF ENGLAND on their maternal side.

If Disney needs a better understanding of royalty in their acting in the films — well, what better family, the HUSTONs could do this for a saga of Star Wars films.

Jack Huston

Angelica Huston
Danny Huston

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