“The portals are arranged by jump point”

The Portal

Csilla underground has many lava tubes and interconnections from city dwelling to city dwelling.

Inside each city are these portals. Not with just wolves, but all manners and sorts of creatures. Some take you further than imagine.

Not to the edges of space and time. But beyond.

No one knows when these portals were created. The Mortis were the last to use this technology until the Jedi learned of it and destroyed it — so the rumor goes.

The Chiss Navigators sense something of it. But Chiss medical treatments ameliorate the pain of understanding the portals.

When I learn one was identified on Lothal, and Sabine and Bridger opened it, then Minister Hydan perished at the site, I knew there was one of Chiss Ascendancy’s long lost wartime exit portals to the galaxy!

That I was right.

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