As the Colossus flies off…

spaceasianmillennial: Meanwhile… in SPACE The Chimera floating in space… A bearded Ezra and an old bearded Thrawn, still latched to purrgil tentacles. Old Ezra: I’m so glad that we’re friends. Thrawn: Me too. Ahsoka and Sabine break in. Sabine and Ahsoka: Hey, guys! Ezra: You made it! Thrawn: Finally, a turn in the narrative. Suddenly the ColossusContinue reading “As the Colossus flies off…”

ouradmiraldaala: First quote = Thrawn Alliances, Chapter 20 Second quote = Dark Force Rising, Chapter 19 Am I the first to notice??? He’s going to betray the Chiss! I have to do it. To keep my people safe from threats in the Unknown Regions. Peaceful Watchfullness is leaving us dead.