Mitth’raw’nuruodo Bridgerton

What is it truly to admire a woman?
To look at her and feel inspiration.
To delight in her beauty.
So much so that all your defenses crumble,
that you would willingly take on
any pain, any burden for her.
To honor her being
with your deeds and words.

captain-raven-knight: macpye: translation of THIS POEM by Leonard Nimoy into Vulcan The poem, from the link above. Just in case someone else doesn’t like going from tab to tab to look at it.  Cseit vah Ch’ah viz rsah ch’itart’asah Ch’ah vitur cart’ar Cseit vah Ch’ah viz horci k’sorcsi Ch’ah vitur ttan’oci Cseit vah Ch’ah viz cartContinue reading