Toxic Star Wars Fandom “Get Thrawn In” May 27, 2015 Part 6

A continuation from Part 5

Posted from Get Thrawn In ASK:

I never said I didn’t support Disney Star Wars. I hope it’s good just like you do, so there is something that we agree on. I have no problem following two timelines at the same time. Thank you for your request of me to join the save Constantine movement, but I am already a part of it. From a business perspective, the Thrawn Trilogy was supposed to fail. I don’t see how granting the EU status as an ongoing alternate universe isn’t going to do anything except profit for Disney… We have already proven that are people out there wanting to buy new Legends books, so the worst it can do is
make money.  I don’t see how making more books doesn’t make sense. Once again, I will bring up how the love for the Ultimate universe in Marvel Comics
when it was created caused people to ask for more Ultimate timeline comics.  The Ultimate Universe only recently ended, and a lot of that was because they were gearing up for the second Secret Wars.  As for the whole confrontational thing, your invitation at celebration, from my perspective looks like confrontation.  Your attitude on these posts seems
confrontational and reactive.  Whether that is true doesn’t concern me.  I was here to gain EU support. I don’t understand your argument of the business perspective.  It doesn’t seem to be a valid argument to me, so I am still hoping to log roll our goals.


Your methods make no sense. You post unwelcomed comments on pages and tell these pages that their ideas suck and say they should join you. To me, that’s condemnation and confrontation.

I’m not trying to hear that my idea is bad because I’m not involved with you. I’m not trying to hear on my own page that I’m a reactive and confrontational person when YOU chose to post on MY page.

I’m not trying to hear that I invite confrontation when I feel I did not do that at Celebration because I felt I had a right to protect myself and my assets, SWAG77 – which the GetThrawnIn page is included. I have a right to bring the debate to my booth and have it there, then having it somewhere to gang up on me. I gave myself some home-field advantage. Say those words in front of casual or notable fans, like Rancho Obi-Wan and Consetta Parker, and Tom Hodges wife, all who visited my booth. Say those things with our booth area mates like the artist Randy Martinez or Denise Vasquez or the San Diego Star Wars Society. All of them are EU fans but are completely disenfranchised by your tactics.

Now one of my admins may have spoken to you to “bring us to the table to talk,” and you are talking, but you are the ONLY one talking. And after all I’ve suffered, I’m going to have to see more people talk to me respectfully and frankly than just you. Because really, I would rather be a tiny page with no likes than endure what was delivered to me by your group. You can’t apologize because I don’t accept it, especially what happened to me in the last 3 months. That is how it is. It’s not worth it to me from both a personal or business perspective.

I said perhaps if you could get major actors to sign on with your cause like the #SaveContantine folks. Perhaps, Lucasfilm will hear you.

I don’t know about the Marvel Ultimate verse schism. I only care about Star Wars. For this page, yes, one of our objectives is to show how Disney can make money. We have to show how effective that is in story, production, and merchandise. Let’s be real here; that is how they need to see it. That is what we debate and decide on in the planning committee. If you want to influence this page, you need to be in the planning group shown on the page. Right now, it’s not as active as I’d like, but it can be. It’s a “different” way.

The Thrawn trilogy succeeded for all purposes. It doesn’t matter what people thought back then. The naysayers said that Star Wars ANH would fail, but we debated the EU and my campaign. Our timeline is BEFORE the Thrawn Trilogy, so we do not affect any continuity. Our timeline is AFTER Outbound Flight and the Mist Encounter, so our campaign is not challenging that continuity. All we are saying is to put THRAWN in the Star Wars Rebels continuity, which is why….

I don’t know those numbers of people wanting to buy the EU books. What are the gross receipts on that? What the impacts? Are you saying all 50,000 of your likes bought significant sums of EU books to show Disney the desire? What was your final number?

For me, I’m interested in going after a significant demographic that will change Disney’s mind. But like I said, that’s discussed in the planning group.

Look, as far as EU support, which is hilarious for you to accuse me of not supporting it, I was the one that promoted the campaign on Twitter to get the Yuuzhan Vong in TCW in 2010. I have the tweets that prove it on my original character page, Senator Yemaja Mlise Lah. I’m a huge Yuuzhan Vong Empire fan. A friend and I created this RP in 2010 on Twitter, how the Embrace of pain would be worded, how we defend ourselves in RP. No one liked us back then. And we kept at it. Then I was told by Lucasfilm that I could not portray my character if I wanted a fan table at Celebration. So as heartbreaking as it was, I made the sacrifice ( what YuuzhanVong do) to forgo my created character to gain access. That’s me. My choice. I made it. We all have to make choices.

5 years ago, when I started, there were no discussions like this one, more like what Lucasfilm allows. But now it’s a different day. At a different time and today, all I care about is doing a good job with my page.

As far as supporting your page, I’m not too fond of your tactics. IDC if you don’t like mine. But that does not negate my love for the EU from my perspective. Maybe to you, it does. But ok. That’s where we are on this debate—a stalemate.

I’m not going to bash books on the Del Rey Star Wars site. I’m not going to go over to their page and tell them politely or not that their new books are worthless and to bring back the EU. I’m not going to do it. Other members of SWAG77 are free to do that under their own name, but not as representatives of SWAG77. That is how I run my business.

I don’t go to other people’s pages unless I am named specifically and doxed and told to be destroyed, which is what your entire campaign looks like to me. I’m not going to operate until you all change, but your apologies mean nothing to me. Your actions speak louder than words.

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