Toxic Star Wars Fandom “Get Thrawn In” May 27, 2015 Part 4

A continuation from Part 3

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First, I didn’t say you specifically say you wrote the letter. I said it was from your group, not to mention I don’t see your leap in logic from letter writing to cowardice, but that’s not worth arguing over, at least not from my perspective. Second, this conversation didn’t start out as a crusade against your goal. I mentioned my opinion about the goal, but the main point of my original post was to garner support for my group, to to deter yours…(more added)

If you want Thrawn in Rebels, go for it.  If it’s something that you want, then it’s just as important as my group’s goal.  I just wanted to gain more support for my group, and if your claim that you
support all of the goals related to Star Wars such as your example of promoting Thrawn in Rebels, then you would be open to supporting our goal, which you don’t seem to be, so I have assume that you mean that “there is one Star Wars in its entirety that belongs to all the fans and with that, I am going to support all the goals, except restoring the old EU under the Legends banner.”  I happen to believe that my goal is also worthwhile, just as much as yours, with a solid support with the pursuit of positive fandom, social media metrics, and fun online activities that everyone can participate in.  I know exactly how approachable Zahn, Luceno, and Denning are.  I have met them, but they aren’t going to be writing new Legends right now. I have tried to talk with Christie Golden about her plans for the Sword of the Jedi trilogy, which was supposed to nearly have the first installment done before Disney. However, she won’t talk about it. I will reiterate that we can write fan fics all we want, but we would
start off with the same hitches as the original EU with hit and miss when it comes to quality due to the initial lack of experience from many writers.  We don’t want another book like The Crystal Star.  The old EU authors had an incredible vision with a really solid team setup in how to handle the EU. I will once again repeat myself in saying that the fan fiction idea is still Plan B, but if I have the choice between writing Sword of the Jedi myself and having Christie Golden write it, I am going to pick Christie because right now I recognize that she is a better writer than I am. I’d compare it to the situation to the fan fictions written about Firefly after its cancellation.  Were some of the stories good?  Yes.  Were any of them
as good as the conclusion that Joss Whedon got to eventually write?  In my opinion, no.  The same would be true here.  We might be able to write
good stuff, but if we can get someone with experience who is better at it, then it only makes logical sense to at least try to get the better author.
Getting better authors to write the stories isn’t a matter of a lack in confidence.  It’s a respect for the story already established and a belief that there is more story that these authors can tell.  My intention was not to demean your group.  I only leveled some criticism (which I had hoped you would take constructively) because of your initial critiques.  I
also hope you realize that my group’s goal has made more headway than what you are probably aware of.  It hasn’t been much, but we got the short story,
Skyewalkers, from Starwars.com a little while back as new Legends material.  There is also a trilogy of books being written by Sequart, one of which will focus on the movies, but the other two have original EU focus, one on the comics specifically, and the other on the EU as a whole. They are supplemental essays that will help to garner support and awareness for our cause, which is another step towards our goal.  With these promising beginning steps, we don’t want to jump right into fan fiction
when we seem to be making some progress. Regardless of all this, you still appear to be uninterested and I see no need to continue this
conversation unless you have a sudden change in heart or a question about our movement.
You still seem to have taken my comments in a context I didn’t intend.  You still seem reactive and confrontational, so unless you respond with something that I deem as something I should I respond to, I will not be back, so unless you have something worthwhile to respond with, just don’t.
More confrontational talk will do little more than waste time trying to get the last word.  If you have a question or a realignment, feel free to respond, but don’t waste both your time and mine getting angry.


No one in the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 wrote a letter under our banner and my business license to Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars about your group.

THIS page is about getting THRAWN into Star Wars Rebels. We think he is a good villain character candidate because he can beat Force users with Ysalamiri and his brilliant military genius. We think that the creative development of this show
allows an “art critic” of high caliber to meet the needs to handle the

That is our angle. Your choice to help us or not. I offered promotion of fan
fictions, youtube videos and artwork in the spirit of Star Wars.

What can you offer me? What’s in it for me? Because right now, and don’t
worry, I’m not coming to your page to do anything to your page or group.
I don’t care enough about it.

TBH, I do not understand returning the EU Legends to their former glory from
a business perspective. How do you measure that? A book will do it? How
many books? All of them? What would be the return on investment (ROI)?
So what if “The Force Awakens”? We should kick “Rey” or Kylo Ren – Star Wars because they are new canon, and boo, we hate new canon? That’s Star Wars fandom to you? How supportive as positive fans is that?

And lastly, there is a reply button, and you don’t need to create a new post.
Press reply on your phone because it shows you can’t hold a
conversation and use ad hominem logic fallacies by blaming me as
confrontational and reactive when all I am having with you is a debate. Not a conciliatory meet-up on my page to agree to your cause. That’s not what I’m here for.

So is this page for ALL fans by your definition? I guess not. But neither is your page.

Why don’t you all try this method that the #SaveConstatine folks are doing? It looks like they’ll take it seriously: http://getthrawnin.tumblr.com/…/crowley-king-of-ass…

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