Ysalamiri were Force using creatures that create a neutralizing Force bubble where no Force User can exact the Force onto a non-Force sensitive. Grand Admiral THRAWN learned about these creatures that were arboreal and if removed they would die. But THRAWN discovered a way to remove the Ysalamiri from their trees and keep them alive to protect himself from Force Users.

There is no clear timeline when THRAWN made this discovery other than he did it. This short story is a mock documentary outlining how THRAWN did it.

Please read it and share your thoughts. The author created sock puppet Ysalamiri. Tell us what you think about these little guys. They’re cute aren’t they?

Short Story About Ysalamiri –  The “Pets” of THRAWN

by “Dr. BB”

Notes and images received from a destroyed Imperial Base Camp on Myrkr – from the lead biologist:

"Have begun observation and documentation of the specimen as per Imperial orders.”

“All field workers are reminded to keep within a safe distance of 10 meters away and have no physical contact with specimen”

Static, blurred imagery and garbled transmission but we can most assuredly state that it is NOT Imperial scientists cooing over how cute the specimens are.

Field log resumes: 

“We have re-evaluated the specimen and concluded that it is safe to observe the specimens from 5 meter away”


“We have again re-evaluated our distance requirements and have conclude it is safe to observe the creatures more closely to document their behavior as long as there is no physical contact.”

More static.

“It has been decided that it is allowed to let the specimen make physical contact with the researchers so long as the specimen initiates the contact.”

More static.

“We would remind researchers that specimens are not allowed in base camp.“

More static.

“We would also remind researchers that specimens are to be referred to by number and location grouping, except for Mr. Fuzzles and his family group.”

“We would like to remind all staff that efforts to develop a transport for specimens remains our primary goal. Please remain focused on our task at hand and stop posting videos of the specimens eating, playing, sleeping and displaying amusing behaviors to the base computer network unless it is part of ongoing behavioral assessments”

“All files on disk corrupted but recovered data points to comprehensive study of Ysalamiri vocalizations when given tummy rubs. Following files salvaged from remains of an astromech droid found at base camp.

“Species has surpassed all expectation of potential domestication now that nutrient frame transports have been perfected. We expect an Imperial Inquistor’s arrival to oversee the transport of Mr. Fuzzle (see notes relating to mistaken pronoun and matriarchal family structures) to Coruscant for further studies. Truly this is a glorious day for the Empire and this wonderful discover will be enshrined in history for centuries to come. Isn’t that right, my witto snuggy-baby? Whooozza cutesy-wustey wittle wiggle-wooo? Yes, you are! Yeeees youuu are!!!”

Case file notes that on the arrival of the Inquistor, a surprise attack by rebels destroyed the field base and all personal where killed. No sign of the specimens was ever found. This image, however, was discovered encrypted in hidden file in the quarters of Inquisitor numerator unknown after his death following his death at the hands of Lothal insurgents. 

Voice identification confirmed. “How could I possibly live with myself if anything happened to Mr. Fuzzle and family?”

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