Hey guys! There’s a comic convention in my city tomorrow and I will
be cosplaying as a Ysalamiri veterinarian. I will have a basket full of
sock puppets, paper bag puppets and some simple artwork with me as props
and I will be taking pictures with people to get them to save the Ysalamiri. I’m hoping they will find our campaign and join the

But the big hook will be the sock puppets – I want fans to make their
own and share pictures with everybody, generating buzz and getting the word out about THRAWN in the from Star Wars Legends.

Please share pictures of puppets you make with our instructions on how to make them. Don’t worry, easy going expectations without churning crazy amounts of them.

The goal is to tap into that amazing creative
energy in the Star Wars fandom and get everybody working on their own cute and
cuddly Force blocking fuzzies

Star Wars fans produce an incredible
amount of amazing arts and crafts! We hope the same spirit that
makes people build armor, sew costumes and build models with get
channeled into the puppets and a huge presence that catches Disney’s attention and the marketing potential of GET THRAWN IN STAR WARS REBELS. (Because no one can out cute Disney!)

So here are the puppets and the instructions for them. Let’s save
the Ysalamiri!

Ysalamiri Sock Puppets

1. Select a sock. I chose some dollar store babies’ and childrens’ sock because they were colorful and fluffy.

2. Select some buttons for eyes. I decided Ysalamiri have four eyes
based on a few illustrations on Wookieepedia, but feel free to be
creative! There can be lots of variations.

3. Pick some fabric
for ears. I chose large and floppy shapes for ears. I decided my puppets
would have four ears to match their four eyes. I also made a cardboard
template to use so they would be about the same size. I will include my
templates for people to use if they want. I had eight ear shapes in
total (You will probably want the front and the back to be the good,
bright side of the fabric. I used different colored fabric for each side
of the ears.)

4. Sew the buttons on the foot part of the sock
just below the heel. Remember to only stitch it to that side of the sock
or you won’t be able to fit your fingers in. (Guess how many times I

5. Attach the ears together with the good side of the
fabric facing out. I used Steam a Seam iron-on fabric glue but it can be
sewn on. Whatever works best. I would avoid glue because it can
discolor your fabric.

6. Sew the ears onto you puppet just behind the heel.

Congratulations! You have saved a YSALAMIRI! Show everyone your
precious little fuzzy Force-blocking on social media and get them to
help us protect these precious beings!

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