Ysalamiri Paper Bag Puppets (Instructions) – by BB

1. Select a paper bag. I used plain ordinary
paper lunch bags but feel free to experiment. Just keep in mind some
textures won’t let you decorate them.


2. On the top of the flat side of the bag, draw four eyes. I used a black magic marker.


3. Cut four ears out of colored paper. I used old magazine pictures.


4. Decorate your puppets! Since crayons and colored pencils didn’t
stand out on the paper bags I chose, I used oil pastels, 3D crafter’s
paint and crafter’s glitter to decorate mine. Just remember to let it


5. Glue the ears on the other side of the puppet’s head. You
will probably need a heavier glue than glue sticks or white glue. I
used a crafter’s glue to make sure they held on.


You did it! You saved a Ysalamir! Show everyone your little rescue on your favorite social media!

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