SAVE THE YSALAMIRI FOR #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels

By Dr. BB in Can’ada

Attending an awesome con on the planet Can’ada, Imperial Veterinarian, Dr. BB advocates for these endangered creatures from Myrkr due to gross Old Republic/Jedi ecological mismanagement.

By her own design with the assistance of the Imperial Chiss Representative THRAWN, a “nutrient basket” was created to safely house and cage the varietals. Stocking density can vary depending on size and length of the creatures.

Dr. BB, met a Tusken Raider who was very interested in the Ysalamiri natural Force blocking abilities. Apparently some Jedi butchered an entire tribe, and now it is thought another Jedi has taken up residence near a small moisture farm. Wonder who that could be? How terrifying!

When Dr. BB met an Inquisitor ( 😉 ), the interaction was less than favorable, but Dr. BB was protected by the Ysalamiri up until a 10 meter range from the wild Force user.

Dr. BB has named on of her Ysalamiri as “THRAWNY”. She discovered that 

THRAWNY was devoted to the Empire when he snuggles to the brave Black Stormtrooper!

This study was commissioned by Representative THRAWN with collaboration of the Chiss Ascendancy Aristocra and the Imperial Biological Research Center. 

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