This campaign is about getting GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN back into the Star Wars canon, particularly Star Wars Rebels. That is our goal.

We have a lot of research, education and expertise on our side.

We will use a POSITIVE STAR WARS FANDOM – A community operational rubric designed by Dr. Gina Moore-Sanders, Ph.D. and has studied public policy, developed legislation and organized communities for over 25 years.  Positive Star Wars Fandom is grounded in basic research and methodologies to yield the best outcome for campaigns. This campaign was optimized to serve the best needs for all stakeholders.

We will demostrate our efforts through the following promotions:

  • Promote the idea of the character, THRAWN to the lay public in images, comments and literature
  • Promote fine art (or Star Wars parody art) and classical music, and discuss their creative expressions relevant to the character, THRAWN
  • Promote arts and crafts activities for family fun
  • Promote the creation of CHISS images of celebrities as a parody and share the images with them, also parody ourselves as CHISS.
  • Promote the creative writing of stories that include THRAWN in the timeline and continuity of Star Wars Rebels
  • Promote positive, creative, and developmental discussions about THRAWN among fans that assists with the greenlight of this project
  • Promote the support of this campaign through petition, fundraisers and corporate social listening and engagment.

This list is not finalized.

Overall, it is what the GET THRAWN IN STAR WARS REBELS has done since its inception.

What can fans do?

Share posts to their walls with friends and groups. We would appreciate that.

Support activities on the page with ideas and be open to redirects and questions to help us guide Disney Lucasfilm into what positive Star Wars fans want with the character, THRAWN.

We will only discuss GET THRAWN IN STAR WARS REBELS. While we enjoy the literature, we feel there are several other great pages that discuss the literature. Our rationale for this page is to GET THRAWN IN STAR WARS REBELS.

As fans, we will refrain and avoid hateful discussions by trolls and we will give them links used to manage and fund our activities until they stop positing. This course of action is because confrontation breeds contempt. As Star Wars fans, we have hurt each other enough, and it is time to show compassion with non-violent in action and deed:




(Besides, profanity is blocked on this page and that will cause automatic deletions)

Our sole goal is to have fun during this campaign, that is what positive Star Wars fandom is. Fandom does not take down and destroy, fandom builds on an existing body of knowledge and relishes in a positive community that makes changes – an academy of such. Just to let you all in on a secret, the way we run our campaign works… IT’S WORKING!


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