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FYI: We are bootstrapping this project as we make very little money in doing it. There are small costs associated, such as adspace for increase outreach more than 3% that Facebook gives us. We need more and could use your help.

We want to get Thrawn into Star Wars Rebels. In order to do that we have some simple ways to affect change:

SHARE all posts on this page to your personal profile newsfeed.

Participate in our petition http://bit.ly/Thrawn77 Participate in freebie idea development, i.e. Thrawn Music Mondays and Artful Thrawn Thursdays.      These 2 ideas help us A LOT: 1) we decide what Thrawn listens to and we as fans can bolster that point; 2) we show HOW Thrawn analyzes art and show art appreciation.

Write blogs for us on key concepts of what it will take to get Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels.

Participate in the Star Wars Rebels LIVE tweets where you give your assessment of the episodes and tell Lucasfilm why Thrawn should be in the show. We need more than the hashtags, we need show analysis as if you speak for Thrawn without bashing the show. If you need help, talk to us.

Write letters to Lucasfilm with just this wording: Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels – then sign your name. No explanations – because they know. No descriptions of Thrawn because they know that, too. It is not the time to market your fan fiction to LFL. The goal is simple: Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels.


That’s under a different department in our group. Contact us is you have some, we will promote it across our feed only if it is PG-13 and IN the Star Wars Rebels timeline. To submit, you need to visit http://getthrawnin.tumblr.com/submit.


Art can be submitted at any time, please give us the name and website you’d like attribution. To submit visit: http://getthrawnin.tumblr.com/submit.

All of these activities have nominal costs (a stamp), and a bit of your time. The admins cannot do this alone. We need your assistance. It cannot be, “my get Thrawn in”. It has to be all Star Wars fans and we must remain positive. We are using the positive Star Wars fandom method.

And if you do have suggestions beyond joining forces with unsavory people, we do want to hear them publicly.

Seriously, you won’t be judged because YOU LOVE “Heir to the Empire” because this page promotes READING OF STAR WARS BOOKS in any era.

You will be questioned if the comment is not understood. Just how it is.

We will not deal with controversies over what is happening is Star Wars overall. Our goal here is to GET THRAWN IN STAR WARS REBELS

Our FAQ is located at: http://getthrawnin.tumblr.com/faq 

Our Q&As are located at:http://getthrawnin.tumblr.com/tagged/anon – please review that part to see if your questions have been answered.

Hope that answers some of your questions. Thank you very much.

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