In 1910, Holst had a mid-life crisis when his opera failed. He wandered in England mainly until he developed a friendship with Clifford Bax, an astrologer as it w, as called in 1913. Holst became so enveloped with the astrology that we read as much as he could on it to create his “mood pictures” in the framing of the book by Alan Leo, “The Art of Synthesis” – following the template of the book and translating it to music. He also borrowed from Igor Stravinsky’s “Rites of Spring” in following – 

the blatant dissonance and unconventional meter seems to be riddled with his influence. He used Arnold Schoenburg and Debussy for his compositions to his work. Fame arose from the “Mars” Planet music, but he did not like this fame. He preferred “Venus’” answer. 

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