Tim (Zahn) wrote the most amazing character.  She was BADASS!  Very cool!  Very smart!  Yey!  Then somewhere down the road, someone killed her after torturing her with unbelievable plot lines for a while and gave her the dumbest, most random death, not befitting the character she was or had grown to be.  I have always said if she HAD to die, Tim should have been the one to kill her…I trust Disney’s judgment for now!

Shannon McRandle who is the image of  Mara Jade asked by Star Wars News Net (x)

It sounds like Ms McRandle has huge ideas about Mara Jade’s progression as a character. She did not like the messing with her character and her death which was not written directly by Timothy Zahn. Which means, the Lucasfilm Story Group may change this fact.

If we continue down the sole path of shrieking at Lucasfilm, which is not positive Star Wars fandom. Forcing others to share and pay for a billboard to “gently” tell Lucasfilm and Disney what to do with their money with zero projections or “what’s in it for me” proposals is inappropriate in business. There is no “return on investment” for Disney Lucasfilm.  And if there is, more people buy books??? Lucasfilm cleared that budget line item with ticket purchases on Thursday, Friday and Saturday on “The Force Awakens” and the weekend is not over with final numbers…

While some would say “Mara Jade” as a story character and a plot never will change, would be very premature and stop creativity.

We don’t stop creativity.

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