For our newbies and re-invigorated Star Wars fans: WELCOME and WELCOME BACK!

For nearly 40 years, Star Wars has been the powerhouse science fiction/fantasy juggernaut for all generations.

There is much information by the way of literature and blogs.

Where does one start? 

The Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels campaign is a great place to start your fandom and to re-invigorate your fandom for Star Wars.

  • Thrawn in a character in the now Star Wars Legends universe.
  • We think he can be a quintessential character in the new canon Star Wars universe in the television and movies. 
  • We are starting with the TV show, Star Wars Rebels because his story should be told in that timeline

New fans and re-invigorated Star Wars fans can join our efforts because this campaign is new, grassroots, exciting and educational. Longtime fans are committed to sharing and showing the ropes.

One can choose to only watch the TV shows, or read the Star Wars Legends novels, or just enjoy the fun atmosphere with the awesome expertise.

All that is needed to join us is the will of the Force.

Bring you…

Let’s #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels – we’re on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ThrawnInRebels

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