Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn by Adrian Tan, 2015 

BELIEVE US, if we could have gotten MARA JADE AND THRAWN into STAR WARS REBELS given our headcanons, that would have been perfect. But the story for MARA JADE did not work out in public presentation – namely due to Mary Sueing Car Drapery and Fantasy Anime Fairytale Princess-ing in the roleplay.

She was there to serve Luke Skywalker even though 2-3 books says she does not. No matter our direction, MARA JADE was played like a woman in a refrigerator than the kickass character she actually is.

Mara Jade, written as a bad girl suppose to be villain that turns out to be a good girl by the time she meets Luke, in her current form required a backstory that well, Lucasfilm would not want. :/

That’s story for us. TBH, We don’t care so much they did that. Sorry Mara-Lovers. It’s just business and Lucasfilm created new female characters that “play both sides” that are less constricted by what’s in a story.

If you were jerking off to Mara, you still have what you have. 😐 Oh well.

But for them to create a composite Mara, they are going to make agreed systems. Female villains are HARD to pay off without stereotypes. It CAN BE DONE… Disney has done that 1000 times. But would you really kill Maleficent?

Mara would have to kill a beloved character. Are we prepared for that? Star Wars fans have fits of wackiness when a character is killed. Some justified, some unjustified (Padme, for example). Should Mara have a charmed life? Or be a dancing girl of pleasure as she’s written? So what about today when we’re trying to teach our young women to be anything they want to be, but the only way to do that is placate some man’s ejaculatory strikes and never be happy in her own by herself? Oh we’re not suppose to teach that… I got you.

So we chose MITTH’RAW’NURUODO for Star Wars Rebels that would bring in an alien presence that the Empire would have, than another mainstream type character, that, as a villain can strategically out think opponents using their art, music and language. Simple. 

If we fail in our campaign, it was fun learning what we learned. But oh what the taste it would be to succeed.

That is why we have to try to succeed in this campaign.

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