From A  #StarWars Fan: Grand Admiral Thrawn in Heir To The Empire Saved My Life.

A message sent from a @starwars fan and is kept anonymous:

I’d like to state that I was nearly certain this campaign would not be successful. But I supported you anyway. Why? Because Thrawn saved my life.

It’s a long story, but in short: I was considering suicide when I got Heir to the Empire. I was depressed and looking for a book to lose myself in to escape reality. I didn’t know that Star Wars had continued through books, so when I saw Heir to the Empire on my library’s shelf, I was surprised. I snatched it and went to check it out.

It’s been a few years. I still haven’t brought it back. I don’t plan to either.

Thrawn’s character snatched me, and refused to let go, he intrigued and interested me with every scene he was featured in. I was entranced by him.

Even after finishing the trilogy, I did SO MUCH RESEARCH on the Chiss and Thrawn, I could never learn enough. So when they no longer became canon, it hurt, bad.

But then, after I saw STAR WARS REBELS, and I found your site: Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels by @igotswag77. And fast forward to now. SWAG77′s social media may not be the only reason THRAWN was added back, but I like to think it was a large contributor, so allow me to say this:

Thank you Get Thrawn In, for not only creating this social media campaign and keeping it going, but also for giving me hope at a time when I thought I had lost it.

Thank you. 

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