So, there you have it folks.

Thrawn’s appearence in SWR Season 3 had been planned

Or, in other words, even since BEFORE the SWR series premiered.

So, Thrawn coming back to the Canon is NOT the result of some fans clamoring for his inclusion in the show.

It has been planned FAR FAR AHEAD.

The time between then (summer/fall 2014) and now is just the SWR Team
(1) finding a proper, logical story that does justice to the character, (2) find a suitable Voice Actor, and (3) tweaking his looks and movements.

Untrue @pep-no

The Lucasfilm Story Group discusses many ideas. Many of which are thrown out. We gave them the impetus to not throw out Thrawn. To give them the chance to rectify something with long-time fans that Disney executives were insensitive to about the character, Thrawn as well as they should have when they threw out the entire Legends or the Expanded Universe.

The way we went about it was what caught Dave Filoni’s and Pablo Hidalgo’s eyes at Star Wars Celebration 2015 fan table as well as Lucasfilm insiders. Fine Art and Classical Music should always be a part of the discussion of Star Wars when developing any story. While the Lucasfilm Story Group does this, the fans do not and it is good business community action to promote Fine Art and Classical Music to Fandom.

The fans did not clamor. That’s the wrong word. The fans outreach was very civil on our end as professional campaign organizers who are trained by Amnesty International Against Apartheid in South Africa, Pro-Native American Gaming in California, and the Obama Whitehouse For Healthcare political activism.

Rather than helping for a more positive fandom experience for Star Wars, it seems this post is a condemnation based on one singular tweet out of context by a known fan hater on Twitter. 

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Now, our hard work paid off for the Star Wars Actors Guild 77.

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