Our Small Speculative Predictions for Star Wars Rebels Season 3

After watching the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Premiere, I have seen a variety of speculations and predictions. That’s great. Star Wars Rebels is a topic to discuss. Here’s ours.

After the release of this:

Learn more about Lothal’s Imperial Governor Pryce in this #RebelsRecon bonus. #StarWarsRebels pic.twitter.com/cVElWjTOdJ

From there and after reading several the Star Wars Rebels books (http://bit.ly/SWR77), the confirmation of Arinhda Pryce as described in the video conforms to what Lothalians elites are like who abuse their power. 

Then she demands Grand Admiral Thrawn’s presence. Thrawn is a power tool jackhammer for a nail and hammer job. But even Grand Moff Tarkin wants it. Why would anyone want this set up?

Because of this:

The leadership of the military officers appear to be deficient in Empire. It was because the Jedi Generals did all the melee fighting and work, while they sat cushy in their ships they used as party cruises.

Admiral Kassius Konstantine was in charge of the ship:

At this time, very few military officers treated their commissions like that during the time of Star Wars Rebels. Whether or not, Konstantine was doing that, he was being political, rather than militarily strategic. 

To investigate who these individuals are was the Intelligence Security Bureau’s (ISBs) responsibility. Where the breakdown in Imperial military organization is, and then, correct it to not lose ships or planets.

Agent Kallus does know how to do his job, but he cannot fight against Force users because he is afraid of them. Darth Vader and the Inquisitors know this fact. But they have uses for them, he can get into places that most Force users cannot get into. He also know key items about the Rebels that an ISB agent would know. Clues that can help a highly trained eye to defeat the Rebel threat. The irony, Kallus himself does not believe there is a larger Rebel threat. 

Overall the speculation/prediction:

Konstantine is going to die because he allowed Vader in his ship to be caught in the tractor beam. 

Tarkin protects Arinhda Pryce because he has a “thing” for her, though he is thought to be married (Legends).

Arinhda Pryce called Thrawn in because she thinks they have a “thing”, but he does not care about her, which means he’s going to play her. She is too fluttered to realize he wants nothing to do with her.

Thrawn and Kallus are on the same side in thinking and their interactions seem contentious, but they don’t know that they have the same goals. What will happen is Kallus will discover a truth about Thrawn and learn from there.

Thrawn and Kallus have been told to investigate Tarkin and the Outer Rim as ordered by the Emperor and the Darth Vader.

All this changes with the leads interact with Rebels… Specifically Sabine Wren.

We are calling this “SHIP WARS” season. 

Based on a misapprehension… *smirks*

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